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Florence was born in France. She first heard about Osteopathy as a teenager while babysitting twins. One of them had a squint eye that was successfully treated by an Osteopath. Her attention was caught, so she borrowed a book about Osteopathy and quickly realised it exactly matched with what she wanted to do with her life. Before joining Castlebridge Complementary Healthcare, she mostly lived in the UK and Hong Kong. She graduated in 2010 at the British School of Osteopathy. She first worked in a family-oriented rural practice in Scotland where she also looked after the local Rugby team.
In 2016, Florence relocated to Hong Kong to join OT&P, a multidisciplinary medical group and worked mostly with expats, mothers and children.
She has a strong interest in neurology and how to optimise “what I think I am doing” with “what I am actually doing”. Over the years, she has developed her own tools and methods for helping children and adults to achieve this. Thus, she has particular experience and interest in:

  • children with “learning challenges” and the integration of primitive reflexes/polyvagal theory
  • osteopathic care for mothers prior to and after giving birth
  • scar tissues adhesions and aesthetics, as well as old injuries management
  • chronic diseases
  • movement and performance consultancy (professional musicians and singers, competitive horse riding, etc.)

Florence works with her patients to help them understand what is happening, what can be done to help and hopefully manage or prevent future episodes from the ground up.
She has a gentle global patient-centred approach. She likes to use a wide range of osteopathic tools in accordance with patients’ needs and sensibility.

She regularly follows post graduate training as well as extensively researches into the early history and developments of Osteopathy. She likes to offer “homework” to patients as it can really speed up the treatment plan towards recovery and beyond.

She practises and teaches Chinese martial arts in her spare time.

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